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Grant applications now open!
Worstead Village Festival Charity are now taking applications for grants.  If you are in an organisation who you feel would benefit from a funding grant, get in touch - details arae on the Contact Us page.

Thank You
Guys - You were all BRILLIANT 
A HUGE Thank You to each and every person who made a difference to the 2017 Worstead Festival. 

Grant applications now closed!
A huge thank you to everyone who attended the Festival this year.  Grant applications for the 2017 festival are now closed and details of grants awarded will follow in the coming weeks.

Get in touch!

Festival Office

Tel: 07900 685722




The 2017 stall application has now been removed - Any final applications should now be made to 

Food Concessions and Food Theatre

Grant Applications

** Note: the deadline for Grant Applications for the 2017 Festival has now closed **

Worstead Village Festival Charity welcomes grant applications from eligible groups during the period 1st March to 30th September 2017.
Applications should be made in writing, stating the full details of what the grant is for, exactly who is applying and who would benefit.

A full breakdown of costs should be provided and quotations for purchases or goods being procured externally.

The application may be submitted as an attachment to an email to or in paper form by hand to the Worstead Festival Office, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Worstead.  The grant form can be downloaded here.

Please download our grant policy here.

We suggest you do not use Royal mail to reach this address - delivery by hand is more reliable.

Thank you Sponsors!